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[14 Lug 2020 | No Comment | ]

Carissimi amici di Tonalestate,
come ben sapete la caratteristica essenziale al Tonalestate è quella di poterci incontrare e riunire, uomini e donne, così da poter parlare insieme, guardarci in volto l’un l’altro, mangiare insieme, passeggiare insieme, ascoltandoci e dialogando affinché le domande sull’uomo e sul nostro tempo emergano sempre in un modo vero, profondo e propositivo. La nostra è, infatti, un’isola di resistenza e di proposta non virtuale ma reale.
Purtroppo, però, in rispetto della normativa vigente prevista per l’emergenza sanitaria dovuta alla diffusione del Covid-19 non sarà possibile svolgere il Tonalestate …

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[11 Feb 2020 | No Comment | ]

Francie was a righteous person and, when a righteous person leaves this Earth, for those who remain, the pain is intense; the pain purifies and at the same time digs to go even deeper and discover, in this way, new forms of dedication to great ideals, ideals that are formed in the common path, through the concrete and real faces that surround us.
Francie’s presence at Tonalestate has been and will always be very important. He taught us that man does not need many things to live, but only one thing …

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[1 Ago 2019 | No Comment | ]

scarica il programma in italiano (.pdf)
scarica il programma in inglese (.pdf)
scarica il programma in francese (.pdf)
scarica il programma in spagnolo (.pdf)

6 agosto, martedì

hotel Mirella, ponte di legno
15.30 Maria Paola Azzali 
presidente dell’Associazione Tonalestate
Saluti alle personalità presenti, lettura dei messaggi augurali
15.40 Elena Lanzoni 
Direttrice dell’Associazione Tonalestate e moderatrice dell’evento
“Casa è dove la storia ha inizio”
15.50 Eletta Leoni
Centro studi Tonalestate
“All’improvviso mi disse una voce…”
16.00 Takayoshi Shibata
“Una tua impronta è nel creato… e nella voce della mia coscienza”
16.45 Jeremy Milgrom
Rabbi for Human Rights, per ebrei e palestinesi
“Do we …

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[1 Ago 2018 | No Comment | ]

6 agosto, lunedì

sala paradiso Hotel Mirella, Ponte di Legno
9.15 Eletta Leoni (responsabile del Centro Studi di Tonalestate e moderatrice dell’evento)
(responsable del Centro del Estudios de Tonalestate y moderadora del evento)
(responsable du Centre d’Études de Tonalestate et modératrice du congrès)
(responsible of Tonalestate Center of Studies and moderator)
“Di uomini e maschere”
9.30 Giovanni Battista Re (già prefetto Congregazione per i vescovi)
(ya prefecto Congregaciòn para los obispos)
(préfet émérite de la Congrégation pour les évêques)
(former President of Bishops Congregation)
“Agire secondo coscienza”
10.15 Emilio Pasquini (già professore di letteratura italiana, Università di Bologna)
(ya profesor de literatura italiana, …

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[17 Lug 2018 | No Comment | ]

Two macabre, and not friendly, shapes are heading towards us. These haughty, opinionated, pharaonic and dominators of an unhappy carnival are not able to look upon neither the sky nor look down on earth. As bright ghosts, taking on mockery and spite, these two masks moves forward safely, so into us and pierce our body and our mind; they don’t leave other sign than their faces rosaceous pallor and they would pretend our curtsy. At first they cause repulsion, then fear and, at the end, a restless departure. And we, …

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[29 Ago 2017 | No Comment | ]

di Monica Lanzoni
The love for the people, for his history and his memory: if there were three words that could resume the witness of Francie Brolly, a member of Sinn Fein and former congressman in Stormont Assembly for Northern Ireland, they should be these three ones. Impossible to be indifferent to that intervention; the Tonalestate’s public have been drag up by the passion and the struggle for the good for the people of Ireland that Francie Brolly shares during his speech. He starts speaking in Gaelic, that is, he …

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[6 Ago 2017 | One Comment | ]

7 AGOSTO, lunedì

sala consigliare, ponte di legno
9.15 Eletta Leoni
responsabile del Centro Studi di Tonalestate e moderatrice dell’evento
responsable del Centro del Estudios de Tonalestate y moderadora del evento
Responsable du Centre d’Études de Tonalestate et modératrice du congrès
responsible of the Cultural Center of Tonalestate and event moderator
“Terra rossa, terra nera: oltre la desolazione”
9.30 Giuseppe Versaldi
cardinale, presidente della Congregazione per l’Educazione …

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[18 Lug 2017 | No Comment | ]

The Barbaric
At least we could pull out,
we could starve to death in freedom, and say No
to a life that makes use of love and family and pity
and a little plot of land to tie us together, and shackle our hands.
Cesare Pavese: Smokers of paper
In the middle of the most beautiful mountains of the world, next to the Italian and Austrian borders, this year again Tonalestate invites you to spend our holidays with us. In this opportunity we can listen to intellectual’s experiences, artist’s , literacy’s, scientist’s, culture and action man …

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[23 Set 2016 | No Comment | ]

During these intense days at the Tonalestate, were, as the Rabbi Levi said, we can easily and deeply face problems, we’ve heard that the fact of being sons is what defines us the most as human beings.
Being sons! It means that we’re received; that we’re in the existence as a gift, that also the other is a gift because is not my invention. The other is not and can never be a possession that I can “use and throwaway”.
Being sons! It means that someone wanted us, and that someone wants …

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[5 Lug 2016 | No Comment | ]

The subject, the conferences, the thoughts that were part of Tonalestate 2015, have put each one of us also this year in front of a responsibility. So many people asked: what can we do? Or asked: what should I do? We all need to discover a real place where we can ask those questions.
Actually, we’re in a world suffocated by injustice, a world that causes such an unfair pain in so many people, some of them live in countries far away from us, in countries that we didn’t even know …

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[4 Ago 2015 | No Comment | ]

Direttore del CERN, Ginevra
Cara Dottoressa,
la ringrazio per il gentile messaggio e per l’invito a partecipare ad un evento molto interessante.
Purtroppo i miei impegni di lavoro a Ginevra non mi permettono di essere con voi. Mi dispiace.
La prego di porgere i miei ringraziamenti più sinceri e il mio rammarico alla Presidente Azzali.
Un cordiale saluto,
Fabiola Gianotti

presidente CIPSI
Carissima Paola,
ti ringrazio per la telefonata in Camerun con cui mi invitavi ad essere con voi al Tonalestate 2015.
Sai quanto tengo a tutti voi e a questa iniziativa bellissima che ho visto nascere e …

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[14 Lug 2015 | No Comment | ]

In Passo del Tonale on the Italian Alps, it is almost fifteen years that while we, a group of friends from all over the world, are going on holydays together for ten days, we spend four days on “Tonalestate”, a summer symposium that takes its name from the place and the period of our reunion.
We are from different cultures and different ages so, what is our bond? It’s what we call “Compagnia”: the experience of a deep and lasting friendship thanks to that we can involve ourselves without being neither …

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[25 Ago 2014 | No Comment | ]


Manuel Gómez Granados


Desde hace 14 años, la Asociación Tonalestate, fundada en 1967 por Giovanni Riva, celebra en agosto un encuentro cultural en Italia. Allí se dan cita jóvenes, sindicalistas, políticos, investigadores, periodistas, intelectuales y líderes religiosos de muchos países: Japón, Francia, España, México, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras e Italia…

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[11 Ago 2014 | No Comment | ]

Dearest Elena,
Anne and I are so disappointed that we cannot be with you , Maria Paola and all our friends at Tonalestate this year.  Tonalestate has been more than an important experience for us during the past years; it has been a vital part of our lives.  We will be with you in spirit and we will keep you all in our prayers and we ask you again to pray for us.  I hope Tonalestate is a great success and I look forward to 2015.  With love and best wishes,
Francie and Anne Brolly.

Cher(e)s Ami(e)s,
Tonalestate est un …

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[8 Ago 2014 | No Comment | ]

Le foto della quarta ed ultima giornata del tonalestate 2014
7 agosto